About the Calendar

Between the various organizations in town - Beautification Brigade, CCE, Cornell Plantations, ACNARGS, FLNPS - there are so many events in town that it is easy to lose track.

Thanks to our members, this is Ithaca's most comprehensive guide to gardening events and presentations in Ithaca.

You can post events here directly, or contact David if you have an events RSS feed or Google Calendar/iCal feed that would be of interest to Ithaca's gardeners. Currently we are reading three such feeds.

Ithaca Garden Network Events Calendar

Jul 05


Jul 14

ICG at Fingerlakes Dragon Boat Festival

Fingerlakes Dragon Boat Festival

Jul 28

Garden Walk Buffalo

Buffalo's West side

Aug 04

Open Days Garden Tour

varous location in Tompkins County

Aug 04

7th Hatchday